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Published April 29, 2013 by carlyjellis

I need your strong arms to hold me tight

To protect me and comfort me through the long dark night

I need your soft kiss to ignite a flame

To kiss away the hurt & kiss away the pain


I need to hear your voice to tell me everything is alright

That at the end of the tunnel will be a bright shining light

I need you to tell me you will always be here

As we grow old together through the passing of the years


To put it so simply I need you so much

I need to smell your scent I need to feel your touch

Will you ever need me as much as I do you

I am hopeful one day you will feel the same way too


Lost Love

Published April 25, 2013 by carlyjellis

I never felt your arms around me

Never felt your warm embrace

Never had the chance to hold you

Or touch your beautiful face


You will always be a memory of a love I never had

Would we have ever made it

That question alone drives me mad


The fact I can never meet you

Never show you that I care

Never have the chance to be the one

To prove that I can be there


I will always regret

What could have been

If only you had looked closer

If only you had seen


The love I have inside

I would have given it my all

I would have loved you forever

And would catch you when you fall


So farewell my lost love

Think fondly of me

I guess the time has now come to accept

That some things just aren’t meant to be

The Lupus Blues

Published April 25, 2013 by carlyjellis

Lupus oh Lupus

How you wear me down

You make me sad

You make me frown


You take and you take

You never give up

From the pains in my limbs

To the fatigue which never stops


Why won’t you let go

Allow me to escape

Unleash your grasp

On my body I’ve come to hate


One day you will be beaten

Your disease will be no more

But for now I remain silent

Quietly battling this war

The Prayer

Published April 25, 2013 by carlyjellis

My heart it yearns for a simpler time

A time when my fears would not cloud my mind

To know my own self

To not be scared

To simply not worry and simply not care

But however I try I cannot escape

From the consuming pain of my heart which aches


I long for the day that this pain will end

Could you be the one who will be my best friend

Will you heal me, hold me and never let me go

Will you give me a place I can finally call home


This dream that I have of you and I

It speaks from my heart and my heart does not lie

One day I will find you

And my dream will come true

By you speaking from your heart

And saying I love you