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Where’s My Prescription? | Daily Prompt: Red Pill, Blue Pill

Published June 4, 2013 by carlyjellis

If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us NOURISHMENT.

Slightly torn by this question….on the one hand as a little bit of a larger lady, the thought of being able to eat what I want but having a pill to not care what it is and having all the nutrition I need seems like the best invention ever, especially considering that I can never stick to a diet & can sometimes be lazy when it comes to cooking….problem solved with a magic pill.

However, on the other hand, I do sometimes enjoy the whole cooking experience, making a nice meal from scratch, changing recipes or creating new ones, adding the wrong ingredient by accident but it still tasting good or sometimes better.

I suppose it would depend on what kind of mood I was in but if I’m being totally honest….I think the pill wins…haha 🙂


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The Sunshine State | Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap

Published June 3, 2013 by carlyjellis

What’s your dream tourist destination — either a place you’ve been and loved, or a place you’d love to visit? What about it speaks to you?

Photographers, artists, poets: show us VACATION

The sunshine state of Florida is the one tourist destination that I fell in love with. I visited 9 years ago and have been itching to get back over there ever since we touched back down home. I loved that I was able to go before my children came into my life, that way I was able to act like a big kid for the entire two weeks, no responsibilities, no worries, just happy, fun times. Of course the main attractions were the awesome theme parks and water parks where it seems that there is one every few blocks and these kept us entertained from early doors, well in to the evenings….put it this way we slept well every night. I have never been spun around, turned upside down, screamed, shouted and laughed so much in my life. The hardest part was choosing what to ride first.

The people who live and work there are so friendly and welcoming and made us feel really at home, despite them always mistaking us for Australians. The food was amazing and the portions out of this world, it is here that I sadly became addicted to Krispy Kreme doughnuts….great tasting but not great on the waist band. Far too much money was spent in the outlet shopping malls, was just glad we took the extra case with us for all our discounted goodies.

I am just hoping that I will soon be able to take my children there so they can experience all of the delights and fun that Florida has to offer and of course meet Mickey Mouse and the rest of the Disney gang 🙂

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